第2回沖縄建築賞 タイムス住宅新聞社賞





The house stands on a northfacing gentle slope in Okinawa Ginowan Oyama.
Wooden house is inserted the box made of concrete which has double height and large opening in north and south.
It is hybrid house which takes an advantage of both concrete and wood.
The outside made of concrete whereas considering their lifestyle and change, made of wood inside.

In the westside, facility to make the house work like kitchen, toilet, bathroom, washroom, changing room are gathered. But basically, the house is ”one room”.
In particular, opened upstairs one with first floor through the double height.
It's possible to make room by sliding door, too.
Wooden deck arranged four spaces in north and south are connected to the room.
It would play a roll for Okinawan traditional Amahaji it makes the house open in Okinawa.

There haven't given any special function as a room in the wooden space.
Natural light and wind can be feeled everywhere at the house.
Function as a place where it's needed in their everyday life.
In the house of one box, could find their own space and live freely feeling the around each other.